Our Story


Chetana Purushotham

Chetana is a wildlife biologist, ocean explorer, educator, writer and photographer.

Her long and winding journey into the natural world began over a decade ago while doing ecological research on birds and reptiles in the Western Ghats.


Life took a sharp turn and deep plunge into the ocean soon after she first learnt how to SCUBA dive in rich coral reefs of the Andaman Islands. Her research focus then moved to understanding coral communities and their recovery in a changing world. 

Apart from the spectacular beauty and biodiversity, both on land and underwater, what kept her working in the islands was a determination to bridge the evident disconnect that existed between people and the natural environment around them. 

Chetana has numerous home bases, one of them being Bangalore.


Samuel John

Since his childhood, John has been fascinated by the mysterious workings of the universe.


While his career at first steered him deep into the advertising world and later to spreading the joy of martial arts, a series of fortunate events led him to discover the extraordinary world of spiders, in his own backyard in Bangalore.


Today John is set on the path of wildlife sciences, with a deep interest in behaviour and ecology.

He has worked in the Nilgiris alongside Adivasi colleagues for 2 years. He has also spent a year in the Andaman Islands documenting the natural history of spiders found on the islands.

He is also a writer and wildlife photographer. His heart still beats twice as fast at the sight of a spider.