Myrmecophily and kleptoparasitism of Oecophylla smaragdina) by Cosmophasis cf. bitaeniata in the Andaman Islands

This paper documents the behaviour of an unidentified jumping spider in the genus Cosmophasis (C. cf. bitaeniata) observed near leaf structures of the weaver ant Oecophylla smaragdina. Like C. bitaeniata, this spider appears to be a parasitic myrmecophile of O. smaragdina and it may use chemical mimicry to gain access to the pavilions of the host ant. Whether this Cosmophasis is a close relative or a subspecies of C. bitaeniata remains to be determined.


Hunting and brooding behaviour in Phaeacius sp.

This paper documents the first record of Phaeacius (Simon 1900) from the Andaman Islands, as well as observations of their behaviour in nature over a period of two months. Observations included predation and feeding on both ants (Technomyrmex albipes) and a salticid ant mimic (Myrmarachne plataleoides), and the maintenance of long, vertical silk lines above an attended egg-sac covered with debris.


Spiders of Kalpavalli

Spiders are crucial to the functioning of most ecosystems around us. Understanding the diversity of spiders often provides insight into these systems at large. Very little has been documented on the spiders of the Anantpur district. We conducted a 7-day survey of the spiders in this region to understand the diverse speices that inhabit the Kalpavalli Community Conservation Area

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