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Through our time exploring the wonders of the natural world, we've met the most incredible human beings. Each person and each interaction has given us hope, perspective and warmth.


It also helps that they always have the nicest things to say about our time spent exploring nature together.

Urban Nature Walks

This was such a good walk! Both of you made sure to make us look very closely at the often walked paths! We documented some 40 odd species in 2 hours! Looking forward to more urban nature walks with you in the future.

Vikrant Kumar

Outdoor Programs

On a night walk, just after staring at a spider that is so still and so skinny that it is called a twig spider (Ariamnes), and seeing an ant mimicking spider (golden backed) we felt a pair of eyes staring at us from the other side of the path to Chetana and I... John was farther up on the path and shed some light on the eyes of a beautiful juvenile Indian Scops owl, on a low branch about 8-10 ft away. Obviously, Chetana and I were frozen in time and space. He/she did his figure of almost-eight head moves, checking us out. Then came his wondrous sister/brother, same age, with a huge katydid in the bill. To my utter amazement my legs didn’t melt like the rest of my body as I saw the insect being turned into food-gift for the first one! Gobbled quickly. Followed by some more hip-hop bounces looking for more food on the ground. Then two sets of eyes on us as we quietly left them in the dark, giving each other “Can you believe what we just saw owl-eyes!” I stayed a day longer than I had planned to and left with rain songs and owl cuddle warmth in my heart.

Ishita Das

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