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Our Story


Spiders and The Sea is the result of two people falling head over heels in love, with the natural world.  

A love that is nurtured by a spirit of inquiry.


Through our writing, photography, workshops and unsolicited party conversations  about 'why you shouldn't kill that spider in your bathroom', we are keen on spreading this love for mother nature and all the stories, she tells us. 

Our Vision

Creating a world where people have a close relationship with nature.

Our Mission

Through research, outreach and creative storytelling, we aim to bridge the gap between people and nature.

The Team

Tanaya Rele.jpeg

Tanaya Rele

Project Intern

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Tanaya is a wildlife enthusiast who seeks inspiration from the wonders of nature and has a keen interest in spiders.

When she's not busy sciencing, you can find her watching Disney movies and munching on candy.

Musician Silhouette


{Insert your childhood dreams here}

Have an idea? Want to collaborate with us? Want to come work for us?

Get in touch and maybe we'll do awesome things together. Teehee.

Tiana Prof Pic.jpeg

Tiana Muthanna


Tiana is a high school student who likes to paint and play football. She has an interest in marine biology.


Through her internship with us she hopes to explore ways to bring together science and art, and begin her journey towards understanding the ocean!


Chetana Purushotham


Chetana is a wildlife biologist, ocean explorer, educator, writer and photographer.

Dogs love her almost as much as she loves them.


Samuel John


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John is a writer, photographer and researcher with a keen interest in spiders.

He regularly daydreams of using a calculator, a pencil and a cup of sambar to unravel

the secrets of the universe 

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