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Outdoor Programs

We regularly escape to incredible destinations to explore local flora, fauna and culture. Whether you'd like to get away for the weekend or thoroughly explore any of India's incredible natural spaces, we've got your back!

Write to us now for more information on these programs!

Upcoming Programs

Our start and end dates below indicate the entire duration of our availability in a location.

Your program dates will be customized to accommodate your work schedules, availability of a reliable dogsitter, long weekends, and the moon's current whereabouts.

Forests To Sea

The Andaman Islands

1 March 2024


30 April 2024

Weekend Getaway Destinations


Week-long Expedition Destinations


Memories from our previous trips

Photo from Chutney Babburjung.jpg

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Sprinkled with Salt
Tuticorin '22


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Forests to Sea
Andaman Islands '21

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