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  • Chetana B P

Spiders at Mealtime

You know when people say they've had a heavy brunch! Our garden has a lot of flowering plants and a host of butterflies that come to visit. Castors being one of the more common of them. To me it seemed peculiar how this one particular butterfly was sitting at the mouth of a white flower. It looked like it would be quite a roundabout way for its proboscis to do its job. It took me a good minute to realize the butterfly was not fluttering actively, but swaying dead.

Hanging from the plant only by the strongest grasp of a tiny crab spider (Thomisidae). I tried to understand how the spider planned and executed it's attack, studying and stalking its prey before the ambush!

The circle of life, is taking place right outside our door 💚 Incidentally the plant that played host to all the action was a spider lily.

Best. Roommate. Ever. This tiny jumping spider and I shared an apartment for nearly 6 months. No prizes for guessing who the better roommate was. The little spider would stand guard near the windows devouring flies that dared enter our apartment. #UrbanWildlife. In this picture, the concerned roomie is seen dealing with a centipede in the shower. #Centifeed. Spiders are critical to nearly every ecosystem on earth, even your home!

In these trying times of isolation, we still go on exciting nature walks. All while staying indoors. On our last expedition to the kitchen, we watched a Plexippus petersi stalk and hunt this house fly. The scene was set on a Dabur honey hillock nestled on the pristine plains of the staff dining table at DIVEIndia, in the Andamans. An excellent example of their role in any ecosystem keeping invertebrate populations within what nature might intend. Stay home, stay safe and stay curious. If you're looking for things to do, then this is a great time to get to know all the wildlife that share your home. #Ecosysthome


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