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  • Samuel John

Web Designers

Orb weavers are among my favourite examples of the biodiversity that surrounds us wherever we go. Whether you're trekking through a lush forest or watering the plants in your garden, there's a good chance you'll come across a meticulously crafted pinnacle of geometry with its humble weaver sitting on top. And if you look a bit closer at the web, you may even find a spot of inspiration. #EuclideanSilk

Of decoys and decoration. The cyclosa genus of spiders build decorative web structures (stabilimenta) at the centre of their webs. Apart from looking like the spider is ready to have guests over during the holiday season, these structures aren't mere decoration. When combined with small pieces of debris and remains from its prey, the spider creates an elaborate visual labyrinth complete with a decoy. #NowYouSeeMeNowYouDont

Interior decorators. While some of us human beings often decorate the world wide web with beautified images to help deal with our insecurities, Argiopes decorate their webs with beautiful stabilimenta to deal with matters of security. These decorations are a defensive strategy that lowers the chance of an aerial attack! #FunctionalDesign. We found this stunningly clever spider while hiking through the forests of North Andaman earlier this year. A nostalgic throwback!


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