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  • Chetana B P

Beak2Beak: Affection among winged wildlings

Where we stood was the perfect vantage point. The blue mountains in the distance, a cotton roll of mist passing through and tall trees standing in front of us with their canopies at eye level.

That's where we got to witness this vibrant dual. Blue-bearded bee-eaters really live up to their name as evidenced by this picture where they are seen eating a bee and sporting a blue beard.

This pair seemed to be engaged in an intense dance-off. The one on the left was quite apparently the better dancer and so, left with the first place trophy. A bee in the beak. #JustBeeEatIt

Silverbills and golden mornings. One sunny Bangalore morning, we watched silverbills engaged in a very important life function, beak booping. Indian silverbills are always a pleasure to watch, especially when they're teaching you a valuable life lesson. So take a moment on this busy October Monday to go boop someone close to you. #FinchMeImustBeDreaming

Itching with love. The life of a hornbill is filled with responsibilities one would expect in a life long relationship. When the female nests, she stays with her young until they hatch and are ready to take on the world. The male supports this remarkable story of motherhood by dutifully foraging and bringing back nutritious delights from all over the forest. Amidst these serious responsibilities lie the more crucial day-to-day ones, like scratching your partner's 'I can't reach that spot' itch. #FunctionalBoop


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