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  • Samuel John

The Day We Saw a Rasta Jelly

Jellies and sunlight. On one of our favourite snorkelling routes, we were engrossed in following a school of snappers over the reef. Little did we know that we were being quietly accompanied by the mesmerizing pulses of this jelly. We swam around each other with varying levels of grace until we parted ways. Would love some help identifying this beauty. It was about half a meter long, swimming close to the surface. We think it could be a member of Rhizostomae, because of their eight long oral arms. Could it be Rhopilema?

I spent the first few moments just coming to terms with its size. As long as my torso, from its head to the tip of its arms. It could sense my presence, bobbing towards me if I moved left, pulsing upwards when I went back to the surface. I was most captivated by its arms. Like heavy and well waited out dreadlocks, glistening in the sun. I think I met a Rasta jelly. #YoMaanOfWar

Behind the scenes. The reef was shallow and breakfast was heavy. This made it a tad bit harder than it should be to stay under what can only be described as a Rastafarian disco enthusiast. The view from under of the jelly against the sun was worth more than the one breath I went in with.


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