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Ocean on a Plate!

Earlier this year, we worked alongside the wonderful folks at Know Your Fish (KYF) on reinventing their website.

With the help of the Bengaluru Sustainability Forum, we'll work with KYF to translate their website into 4 regional Indian languages, spread our love for the oceans through awareness programs and try to understand Bengaluru's seafood culture while we're at it.


New and exciting programs in the making!

We're busy spending our work breaks thinking about you!

We've been brainstorming and planning new online programs for more fun, learning and awkward "can you hear me?" moments on Google Meet. Stay Tuned!


Updates from our Andaman Expedition!

We've put together images taken by our awesome guests from the March 2021 edition of Forests to Sea.

We hosted four amazing people in our home away from home. Read all about it!


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